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Social Networks, Anyone?

Social networks, on-demand computing - where does it all lead? These are some of the questions being pondered by the Ishtot team. What opportunities exist? We're throwing ideas at the wall to see which ones stick.

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Capango was a closed-loop communication system built in 2003 and launched in 2004. The Capango concepts and structure were built into the NaturalInsight software-as-a-service (SaaS) product line following its acquisition by South49 Solutions in 2005. For the second time in its short history, Ishtot has built and sold a product line. Let the good times roll!

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Baby Necessitiestm Gift Baskets

Yes, that is how Ishtot came to life back in 1997. There was the idea, the challenge to build and grow an online business (which was not an easy task way back in '97!) and the wild ride following a write-up in the Wall Street Journal. We are happy to report that Ishtot sold the Baby Necessities gift basket line in 1999.

Ishtot's First Success!
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